Here's the quick version of how we fell in love with photography and each other!



I knew I was meant to pursue photography from the moment I stood in that high school darkroom, watching my very first image come to life in a wash of chemicals. While choosing a focus for my senior art project a year later, I realized how drawn I was to photographing human emotion... so I grabbed my new boyfriend's hand and we walked down the streets and back alleys of Denver, where we found the most interesting souls to learn about and photograph. 

Years later, as I look back (and into that boyfriend-turned-husband's eyes), there is no doubt in my mind that everything in my life so far has shaped me in wonderful, immeasurable ways.

Each time I gaze through my camera to watch a bride and groom share their first look, I'm reminded of how beautiful each of our stories are, and how everlasting love is – and more often than not, a few drops of emotion fall from my eyes, too. 

When I watch a beaming father hold his daughter's arm close as they walk down the aisle together, I feel the hundreds of people who have supported me, laughed with me, mentored me, held my arms, and encouraged me to pursue my passions and become the woman I am today.

When I run with a couple along a mountaintop or splash with them in the crystal waves of the ocean, seeking to capture those beautiful moments forever, my heart bursts with joy.

I know that God created me for this. I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunities I've been blessed with, and for the greatest gift I've ever been given – my amazing husband and business partner.

Hopefully the next moment we capture will be yours!

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I can't remember the exact moment I fell in love with Michelle, but I do recall looking at her and realizing everything had changed. I was overcome by a delightfully young love yet somehow it felt like it had always been there. I remember how bad I wanted to tell her, but without the right words I chased her around and thought of ways to show her how I felt.
Michelle has had a camera in hand ever since I've known her, and initially my interest in photography was just a means of impressing her. But the more I learned, the more photography captured my fascination. Photography really has been one of the biggest blessings in life, taking us across the country and across the world, but photographing weddings is where we feel like we belong.

When Michelle and I officially rebranded and pursued this dream as partners, I was in my senior year of college pursuing a BBA. It was strange to start a business when I felt like I still had much to learn; and on top of that, 2017 is a challenging era to break into photography. More photos have been taken in the last year than in the entirety of human history. Today there is not shortage of photographers and definitely no shortage of photos. We don't want to just show up tell you where to stand, point our cameras at you, and be gone as quick as we came. We want to be the last ones on the dance floor, to leave your wedding not only exhausted and with sore feet, but with tear soaked cameras and happy hearts.

To find our competitive advantage we chose to focus on what matters most. My favorite part of a photo shoot is the moment when it switches from two strangers pointing cameras at you to friends running around the mountains together caught up in the rush of being young and in love. We want to know you and your love story, its the reason behind our adventure engagements. Once we've shared a couple sunsets and a couple glasses of sangria we will just be two more friends that you invite to your wedding. 

I love weddings and once you attend one as a photographer, you never want to go back. The photographer is an intimate position in the wedding, we walk next to you through the entire day, we are right there for all of the laughs, tears, and perfect imperfections that you'll look back on fondly. We want our pictures to be insight into your love. 

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