Bohemian Mountain Wedding // Breckenridge, Colorado// The Delacastros

Sasha and Cole's bohemian wedding was one of the highlights of our whole wedding season. Going into it, we were incredibly excited to work with our good friend Courtney Cyr who designs and plans events and wedding days so beautifully. We drove to Breckenridge, marveling at the vista views and the amazing tall trees. We are so blessed to live in a state like Colorado! As we drove up the gravel driveway, a bit of sprinkling rain began to fall from the sky. The little raindrops seemed to only accentuate the colors the acres around the house held. Sasha was in her room, beginning to get ready with some of her best friends and Logan roamed around, capturing the details while the rain seemed to flicker on and off perfectly. Sasha says,, "The rain made everything look so perfect and dewy."

Planning/Design: Courtney Cyr Design

Florist: Details Delivered

Dress: A&Be Bridal

As Sasha was beginning to do her hair and put on makeup, we got a few minutes alone and she told me the sweetest story from that morning. Years ago, their family lost a very special person. She knew the day would be emotional because all of them wished he could be present, and had prepared her heart for the day without him.

She was sitting outside on the porch of the mountain home, writing her vows that morning. She wrote about their long distance relationship, their commitment to each other through the years, and all the promises she wanted to personally make to Cole. As she was writing, she looked up and saw a moose. He had crept up silently, and was very, very close to her. She stared directly in its eyes, and knew that he was there to tell her that Rico, the special soul their family had lost, was there and watching over them that day. I tear up almost every time I think of that beautiful story. So many beautiful things happened on this wedding day. 

The Ceremony. Sasha and Cole decided to do a traditional Quaker ceremony, where many of their closest friends and family stand and offer pieces of wisdom, advice, and blessing over the couple instead of being led by a single minister. They self-solemnized and their first kiss as a married couple was beautiful! 

The Smudge Ceremony took place after the wedding ceremony. We gathered her closest friends and they each lit their smudge stick and spent time breathing in the significance of the day together. It was so unique and incredible beautiful.

The Reception. Take a look at how infinitely gorgeous their table setup, their hand strung lights, and each little detail (like the framed images of them growing up) are. Courtney and Sasha pulled together an incredibly intimate evening that Logan and I didn't want to leave. 

A quote from Sasha:

"Slipping off to take the photos with Cole was one of my favorite moments." We left the reception and snuck through the woods to some beautiful spaces and got to spend a little time with just the bride+groom. This is usually Logan and my favorite part of the day. Here we get to be silly, creative, and capture memories and true love together.