Denver In Home Engagement Session // Mandi+Mike // The Delacastros


“Jumping at the chance” to do an in home engagement session with these two is an understatement. We were more like jumping up and down. 


For so long, we’ve craved this REAL element in our images. We want our photos to be documentations of real emotion, real love, real moments, real life. Mandi and Mike completely captured our vision and made it their own while inviting us to spend a day with them. 


We woke up late, to a rainy Denver sky. (Off to a perfect start!) Logan and I arrived at their adorable apartment and loved the space as soon as we walked in! After pouring bowls of cereal in the kitchen, they ate and laughed and talked about their cats while Logan and I roamed around and snapped a few photos. Mandi jumped up on the counter, and I found myself photographing their hands, their hugs, anything that I could from the gorgeous window light. 


After cereal, we brushed teeth (this is as real as it gets, people!!) and just a few minutes later, we were holding down the shutter on “burst” as they ran from the hallway and jumped onto the bed. (Mike only fell off once!) 


Because the jumping and running tired us all out, they moved to the couch and put on a record. They snuggled and kissed and listened to the rain slowly fall outside in time with the songs. 


Time for coffee! They led us down well-used sidewalks to Lula Rose General Store, a coffee shop without wifi, where patrons are encouraged to just sit and enjoy their company, read a good book, or even watch the cars pass by on Colfax Street out the enormous windows. (Their mochas are some of the best I’ve ever had!) 


By this time it was just sprinkling outside, so after taking a few images of these babes through the windows, we strolled on over to the cutest mural. Mike watched Mandi twirl in her vintage skirt!


We walked through their front door and it almost felt like naptime! For the next part of their Sunday, they snuggled under some blankets on the bed, and read a few pages of their favorite books on the window seat in the living room. Even their shy cat decided to join us when we were taking portraits in the kitchen! 


The last minutes of our time with them were spent biking to the record store and choosing a record (hopefully one to play at their wedding!) It was so fun to explore a whole world of music and be surrounded by some of the most inspiring, creative pieces of art ever created. The entire store had this..feeling about it. They found the record they were looking for, and soon after checking out, we parted ways.