adventuring in Grand Mesa National Forest

I've decided to start taking and making more videos. It just so happens that Logan and I (and our friends) go on quite a few adventures. Whether that be across the ocean to places like Kenya, or here in our (beyond gorgeous) home of Colorado, we will never say "no" to another day of strapping on the Chacos, breathing in the sunshine, and earning ourselves a Chipotle burrito.

We drove up to Grand Mesa National Forest, about 45 min from the campus here in Grand Junction. Ask Logan, I literally didn't stop staring out the window the whole time. I typically wouldn't describe dirt trails, crunchy leaves, and mountain air as "elegant," but I'm pretty sure the yellows, reds, and greens the Mesa dressed herself in last Friday were more exquisite than any red carpet outfit I've seen in a while.

You're always invited! Let's go places together (: