Frances + Tyler // Adventure Weekend Engagement Session - Great Sand Dunes Engagement

Driving through the mountain pass on our way to Crestone, Colorado, it was a little chilly outside, so Logan and I turned up the heat and the Ed Sheeran and jammed the whole way to the Air Bnb we would be sharing with Fran and Tyler for the weekend.

We arrived, and no less than 10 minutes after unloading our suitcases and camera gear into our yoga-themed room, we had pulled out the sangria and were chatting in the kitchen. To our surprise, by the time we went to bed 2 hours later, we had talked about everything under the sun you're supposed to avoid when first meeting a couple! We had discussed religion, politics, world poverty and charity, and so much more. That was just our first taste of how beautiful these two souls are together. 

The next morning/afternoon consisted of the cutest little in-home style session and lots of yummy food and wine (: 

After putting together the eucalyptus bouquet and picking out the perfect outfits for the sunset shoot, we all drove to the base of the dunes at The Great Sand Dunes National Park. Even though the photos make it look super easy, boy was it a challenge to run up those huge piles of sand!! We dealt with wind (tons of blowing sand) and a quick sunset, but even blue hour was breathtakingly beautiful. We continued to photograph Fran and Tyler long after the sun dipped behind the tallest dune, and then headed to a Mexican restaurant for dinner+margaritas (:

Before the sun came up we were ready. We had driven to the valley just outside of the national park, even though I looked like a hobo dressed in like 3 pairs of socks and a few puffy down coats, Frances and Tyler were beautiful together and so, so easy to photograph. As they danced in their formal outfits, we felt like it was time to pop a bottle- from our favorite winery Veraison Vineyards (Grand Junction, Colorado) and soon after, F+T changed into more comfortable clothes for the last few images. The sun was up, but we hid under trees and ran around in the valley until it was too bright to continue! 

Check out a few of our favorite images from this amazing Great Sand Dunes adventure weekend below! 


by Michelle for The DeLaCastros