Emily+Jesus// Travel Sunrise/Sunset Engagement

I've liked Emily since the moment I met her (over FaceTime). She's spunky, fun, and a fellow wedding photographer!

Let me just tell you, her and Jesus have some MAJOR guts. After never meeting Logan or I in person, the two adorable humans drove over 8 hours from their home in Kansas to stay with us for the weekend. We roamed around, showed them our corner of the state here in Grand Junction for a few days, and of course, took lots, and lots, and lots of photos.

So many times I felt myself looking at the back of my camera, amazed at the love story I was witnessing. It was truly an honor to be in the presence of, and to photograph, such amazing people and their adoration of each other. As I said in a recent Instagram post, "It's so fun watching Jesus with Emily. It's like he can't contain his happiness when he's around her, and it all just comes spilling out." 

Here are Emily+Jesus being cute..both at sunset and sunrise here in Grand Mesa National Forest and on the Colorado National Monument. 

 Images from our sunrise adventure below (:

After running around freezing our butts off,  we decided to stop at Daylight Donuts for some giggles and fresh donuts to fill our tummies!