Our Very First VLOG- Greece with the Woodlees

 Hello! My name is Michelle and my husband's name is Logan- we are primarily wedding photographers based in Colorado, but we travel pretty frequently and love to document where we go and what we do. We have had this dream of building a blog/online presence working for outdoor companies, living van life, and just "adventuring," (though that word seems to be overused these days). Out of that dream is where And We Roam was born! 

We figured for our very first blog post, we would share a trip that we took at the beginning of summer (right after we graduated college together) with some of our dearest friends, Clancey and David Woodlee. This was my first time ever taking consistent video on a camera, so pardon the rookie quality! We are looking forward to doing many more videos as we travel through life together- I really feel like we are able to re-feel moments better through video rather than just images. Also, wanted to give a HUGE shoutout to our good friend Natalie Crane of Like Morning Sun who has been a huge asset to our business from the beginning...and who put together/edited all the footage for us. THANK YOU NATALIE!! 

Anyway, I'll let you take a look! Thanks for hanging with us(: